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Has Anyone Noticed Your BTC Withdrawals Being Skimmed By Gatehub?


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Ladies and gents please eyeball your withdrawals of Bitcoin from Gatehub!!  The exit tax is already pretty high--a whopping 0.005 BTC where other exchanges charge 0.0005-0.001.  I hadn't noticed it at first as I was making plenty of profit from my trades, however, like clock-work, I check my sums every few days and something wasn't adding up.  The BTC I expected arrived a little light.  In some cases it looks like I was charged double the fee.  This is highly, highly unacceptable.  When you consider bitcoin fees at an average of 0.0014, Gatehub 5th (Gatehub's settlement arm) is raking in a whopping 0.0036 BTC to deliver your Bitcoin.  @enej  You guys are millionaires already, how's about giving us "thousandaires" a little breathing room eh buddy?  I'm making some of the best money I've seen in years through you guys, but this is crazy.

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I'll use this space to correct some of my "broken english" perhaps the fees aren't hidden as I had previously posted, however 1% of amount withdrawn is quite incredible.  The competition for this space is forthcoming.  @karlos I don't know how to remove a topic once posted.  I would like to repost some of the facts here in another topic with a different title so as not to cause any trouble.  Thanks

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