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Hi everyone, I exchanged 0.06 bitcoin for XRP, it said I’d get 1340 XRP but when it completed it only gave me 1184 XRP, could someone look at my transaction and see why I lost 156 XRP. Thanks my TX Hash was B605F76DB7CD30BD73774CDD9FD253D67DB6B3E2BC4F875AC15F1287A6921240

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Your transaction was flagged Fill or Kill. Never used that feature myself, but I know it from stock trading. Usually it's supposed to execute for the full amount specified, or be cancelled instantly.

However, the transaction viewer in xrpcharts says this:

The offer was partially filled, then cancelled due to lack of funds.


You might want to ask Ripple employees about that, since partial fills are not supposed to be possible with FOK orders.

I've had orders cancelled before for "lack of funds" even when I did in fact have enough funds to fill them. I'm not sure exactly what's the underlying mechanism. Either way, you should still have some Bitcoin left and can try to convert the rest with another order.

I hope that helped.

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