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Poloniex issues depositing ? Delays


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Few days ago (and numerous other times), whole process took 2 minutes. XLM and XRP are the 2 fastest cryptos .. which in the end matters not when exchanges do what they want.

Normally it would show up in deposits, then show the confirmations there. But not showing up at all right now.

I've had faster Bitcoin deposits, and that alone is scary.

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Hopefully this doesn't happen to you.

I sent a small amount of XRP to Poloniex over a month ago (~40xrp). Address was correct, and using account explorer I can verify my Polo address shows the correct balance and the successful transaction. Yet in Polo my account shows no balance, and they don't respond to support.

Luckily, it's not enough for me to get worked up about., I'll just never deposit there again. This is why I always do a smaller "test" send. 

Wishing you better luck

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In my experience, a typical XRP Deposit to polo goes like this:

1 XRP arrives at the deposit address - Instant

2 All XRP (except for 25.15) swept to polo's hot wallet - Up to an hour depending on network conditions

Hot wallet = https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/graph/rDCgaaSBAWYfsxUYhCk1n26Na7x8PQGmkq

3 The deposit should show in polo now, as pending 1 of 2 confirmations. This can take another 30 minutes


On days when xrpcharts has "delayed info" this can take longer. 

Looks like it's business as usual based on hot wallet activity.

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i did a test yesterday at 6:30pm and this is how is working:

Yesterday at 6:30pm - From ledger to "polo wallet": 5 sec's showing in the Ripple explorer.

Yesterday at 9:30pm - Poloniex Withdrew the XRP's to the poloniex hotwallet.

Today at 2:35 pm - ....................................................nothing yet.



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