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Gatehub important update!


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It's their lack of communication, leaving people hanging and not knowing what they should expect that is the most frustrating. 

I'm glad they're giving some kind of updates now, but I think they lose a lot of credibility (if they have any left).  

If they want to earn it back, they need to clearly communicate and respond the the multitude of issues users have been complaining about regarding delays.

It seems they're basically trying to blame it on their bank.  It may be true their bank is a big part of the issues, but they are the ones responsible for treating users with respect and addressing their support requests and concerns.  


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26 minutes ago, gorryj said:

It's their lack of communication

This. This is the only fu**ing problem I have. I think it is really fine to have growing pains and be slow and unreliable and whatever. As long as you keep just communicating and be transparent about what is going on people can just keep up with it and make their own decisions. But what they are actually doing is so disappointing. 

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An important update would be something like. "Gatehub to FINALLY give account holders the Bitcoin Cash they were supposed to 6 months ago."

Did they do something wrong and not get the BCH? Who know? They don't respond to emails...




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