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GateHub Withdrawal scam?


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Hi all,

I'm new in gatehub from 12 December 2017.

They told me to use GateHub for Ripple because is a good wallet.

I have put my XRP and 14 days ago exchange them with EUR

and on 2 January I have withdraw my money, sent to my bank (account verified) with SEPA. 

Now I'm still waiting for the money. 

I have contacted support twice, no response.

I have contacted someone here, no response.

They haven't any phone number and no instant chat.

I'm starting think that is not a good and reliable wallet. Could be a scam??? 


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I have a similar issue...sold my xrp  7 days (from xrp to btc) withdrew the btc (sent to gdax)...no coin in my gdax account... BTC was my choice because I was comfortable with the level it was at once it got the gdax I could make other choices and decisions but 7 days BDC is gone up and now down and I have no control of my position or what I think is still my position... Just some sort of communication from gatehub anything to let me know what the status is... This is a very stressful 7 days where is my coin? I will keep you up-to-date on my status on whether my queen appears or if gatehub does give me some sort of status report

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