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Play arcade games competitively and win XRP

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Hi guys,

we are a team of two devs working on https://cryptoarcade.io and we would like to present you our work, with the occasion of our week-long giveaway!

At CryptoArcade you can play arcade games and win XRP competing in our daily leaderboards that work just like a poker tournament: everybody pays the buy-in (currently 0.2 XRP), plays a game of his choice and gets his score recorded in the game's leaderboard. Every day at 00:00 GMT the leaderboard is reset and the payout is sent automatically to every player that ranked in the top 10%.

As of now we just have one game (Space Invaders), but we plan to expand our game pool quickly with anew game already coming this week. Likewise, we will also expand our set of supported cryptocurrencies, with Dogecoin most likely coming next! If you'd like to learn more you can read our FAQs.

We also publish all our previous payments transaction, so you can verify them yourself using their transaction ID.

Last but not least, any feedback we can get from you is very important, so please ask us questions and/or let us know what you think about this idea!

If you like, you can also follow us on Twitter!


(At the time of this writing all the free 10 players played for today, but they are going to reset in less than an hour!)

For the next couple of days, we will be giving a free entry to the first 10 players every day, while paying their entry fees ourselves. This means you can play for free and still win XRPs if you rank high enough B) So, why not give it a try?

NOTE: We do not support exchange wallets yet, so do not send us money from exchanges because it's very likely that the process will not work properly.

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