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A back-up just in case


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It is probably not the most popular thing to talk about, but what if something bad would happen to you? 

Lately I have been working on a set of paper notebooks to make sure I’ll leave things behind properly for the people close to me.

I have a dozen of different coins, some on my Ledger Nano S, some on coin specific offline wallets and even some small amounts on exchanges :scratch_one-s_head:

So it is quite complex to leave behind some understandable notes that will help recovering my investment.

Luckily I have some friends that know their way in the crypto world and have a Nano S themselves so that will hopefully help.

Anyhow, I’m wondering if you guys have thought about this and what you have arranged so far?

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I've set up a delayed email using Boomerang plugin on Gmail that will email my brother passwords to everything crypto wise.

It's delayed for 12 months meaning once a year I go in and move the send date forward, ensuring if anything happens to me he gets an email with essential details so he can access my crypto and other details. 

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16 minutes ago, LongRun said:

It is probably not the most popular thing to talk about, but what if something bad would happen to you? 

Good subject @LongRun and Important too.
I have thought about it, but have not really done anything yet.
My daughter is the one who will get it.
So I am planning of edcuating her in trading and deposit documents she need to be able to get hold of my Zerps.
And keep on trading with them or just cash out. BTW she already has some of her own.
Right now she is not that interested. But I plan to chain her for a week education.
She is not a dummy, helped me doing some work related stuff.
But everytime I mention XRP and the CC market she just laughs and say I do not Care.
So my plan is to make her Care because one day it will all be in her hands.

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Thanks for the input!

However, I think that quite a lot of people haven't thought about this properly.

I think that every investor in crypto should be asking themselves at least the next questions: 

- Have you told your partner/family/a good friend that you have invested in crypto? (not just Joe from work)
- Are they aware of the potential value of your portfolio? (1.000 dollar today could be 100.000 dollar in a year)
- Would they be able to gain access to your portfolio?

Personally I think that the answer to the last question will be no in most cases. It is just a lot of information, even for people in the crypto scene it is a hard job to make sure that you store everything in secure wallets.

I think that most people have either mentioned it vaguely or are thinking 'I should do that one day', but that will probably mean that you will postpone it for quite some time :smoke:
And as I mentioned before, it is rather complicated to put everything on paper 'dummy proof'.

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