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ripplenet.io Wallet Scam?


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2 minutes ago, Ripplezzzz said:

Thank you Khaleesi for repeatedly warning me and others about this site.

I am not about to use it, register on it or even approach this site because of the red flags presented. And I want to extend this advice to all users who thinks differently and want to try this out.

I do believe Ripple should be aware of this site and should provide some details/recommendations as this site uses the name RippleNet and can be confusing to other users.

Exactly it is Trademark infringement and misleading, causing unsuspecting people to lose their money. 

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Update: I guess my friend checked the XRP wallet address of that website, and they already moved the funds out, although in his dashboard, they are still showing the funds there. We also tried checking the domain, and it was only made on December 2017. Their twitter account was also only made on December 2017. Tried calling their phone, but no one answers. He is considering filing a complaint to the authorities. I hope no one else gets scammed by this website.

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