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Max is back... Max Entropy v2.0... Re-Thinking Wallet Design


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He's back...
I understand that you folks were missing my comments??


Hmmm, the good folks at Ledger Wallet in France... the only provider of Ripple compatible hardware wallet software, has suspended the sale of the Ledger Wallet until 2018 Q2 or later, if this slip their milestones. Imagine that... I expect that... they are re-engineering the software and hopefully the <suitable adjective> 'Ripple' component... maybe with new hardware.

Wallet Design see:

  • MetaMask - https://metamask.io 
  • Brave - https://brave.com 
  • useful for ERC-20 and Ethereum tokens, not at all useful for XRP
  • it would be insanely great, if the Ripple Network and XRP were included in the MetaMask product
    It would make me happy!

Why is this topic of interest to the good folks here at XRPchat and at Ripple?

  • as you/they are diversifying your new found wealth, you will need a new cutting edge wallet technology to secure it outside the narrow scope of Ripple Exchanges... and since Ripple does not contribute (wallets) to this sector of the crypto space.. they should assist others in the creation of a robust and functional wallet... unlike the 'quick and dirty' implementation done for Ledger Wallet.
  • MetaMask can be used in both Online and Offline modes
  • it appears today, to be only on 'computers' and not 'phones and tablets'

I have been saving the best news for last:

  • investigate BAT... it is a bigger deal than Ripple's XRP... because publishing is a space much larger than 'cross border payments' and the dearly beloved in the banking sector
  • this should not be misunderstood by the newbies and the old codgers here... I fully expect Ripple to dominate the crypto space (maybe this year), and hence make you folks very wealthy.
    I do not consider this to be a positive outcome.

Think about it this way:

  1. All browsers (Brave, Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera) are moving to:
    - block ads,
    - block 3rd party cookies,
    - block popups,
    - block tracking and,
    - block finger printing... the browser / machine finger prints.
  2. only Brave has a vision statement to the effect that privacy has finally become popular. Imagine that.
  3. alas, Ripple has no vision statement... yet.
  4. advertizing and eyeballs... is the source of Google's revenue
  5. Google has been funding Mozilla to the tune of $ 50 million per year, to implement core open source browser software to block MS from dominating the browser space
  6. Google has no choice but to support a BAT-like token for publishing, advertizing and eyeballs consuming content
  7. Speculatively, he said, Google must be 'planning' to incorporate BAT (Basic Attention Token) into their business model, precisely because the advertizing model is broken, as advertizing is being blocked and encryption will secure web content. A new business model is required.


Let us see if Ripple can include its XRP token in the MetaMask framework.


It is great to be back!

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All of them...

Ripple will dominate at least for the next 3-5 years. I am very confident of this... network performance will determine the outcome even if it is tied to dinosaur banks. Bitcoin Lightning Networks are still 2-3 years away. One year to get them out of the lab and then 2-3 years for adoption. At this point, Ripple will have serious competition. However, in the meantime Ripple will be very successful and this is terrible.

Ripple will do exactly, as told, first by the corporations and then, this will be used as core technology for nation states. John McAffee has recently stated that the USD will die and merchants will adopt crypto payments methods for good reasons... and the good folks still holding USD and dependent nation state fiat currencies will get less than NIRP, maybe 50% on the buck. Ouch. We are entering a challenging time.

No point in selling at the bottom of the adoption curve.


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Sure, I do.

He has access to people and information that you and I do not. Besides, I agree with him!

Example, Charlie Shrem on the Keiser Report, said recently, that McAffee gets 25 Bitcoin up front and 15% of the ICO Tokens released, for his 'promoting' the token of the day. My point is, is that people do pay attention to him.

New ideas emerge from the edges, from fringe thinkers, and not from the centre of ideological thought.

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BAT is definitely an interesting initiative. My working experience has been developed on marketing and advertising measurement, and I second the need for solutions to better track whether ads are actually impactful. More than half of today's served ads are either unseen or served to bots: http://adage.com/article/digital/56-digital-ads-served-google/296062/

The key challenge for BAT would obviously be adoption and partnerships, but I see an opportunity as publishers want to consolidate to be able to face Google/Facebook's omnipresence.

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10 minutes ago, RobertHarpool said:

Last I knew Mcaffee was doing meth in Belize with his underage girlfriend ... killed his neighbors dog and hid on the beach under the sand (using a snorkel) so that the police couldn't catch him. 


McAfee was suspected of murdering his neighbor (who poisoned McAfee's dogs). Belize is a wild, corrupt place so honestly anything could have happened. There's not enough evidence for authorities to extradite him back to Belize, so McAfee is free to keep doing bath salts and bang young women. I have to say, the dude is certainly enjoying himself and living an interesting life at age 72.

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