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Bistamp problem


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Hello, I am new to this forum, and I am not sure if this is correct section. I am gianluigi and I am from Italy.

I am a ripple "trader/investor" and I try to earn some money playing with the daily price changing on bitstamp.

Today I set a price in the field "limit order" and that price was hit several time (like 6 or 7 times in 5 minutes) , but still, bitstamp did not let me buy. Is not the first time.

Somebody knows why?

I trade like that. 

I buy at (example) : I sell at a.170$ and I buy at 1.60$, and my gain is the difference of 0.10$, which I use to buy more ripple. 

Because my goal is usually 10/15 cents, I got very upset when I place an open order and bitstamp is not fulfilling it.

Does anybody knows why? On 5000 ripple, 10 cent is 500$ per day, if I cannot get it, I got soooo angry...


Also, I sent 4/5 email one week ago to bitstamp, for other issues, and they still haven't replied yet. Are they so not organized?




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I have always used bitstamp, and I made a lot of transaction, and they got my money from that, and now, as I anticipated, ripple is going to 1.85.

So, at the moment, I lost around 1000$, that is not fair.

Are they overwhelmed? They have millions of earnings, they can hire more people and more servers, no?


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