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ripple wallet activate and tag code


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Downloaded rippex Ripple desktop wallet and want to withdraw from Bitrex. Only Bittrex ask for tag code when you want to withdraw Ripple. But can't find the tag code in the rippex Ripple desktop wallet and see this message:

Your Ripple account is not active. To activate it, you'll need to send at least 20 XRP to [own adress]

I have the ripple to activate it by myself but how I send them from bittrex. 


Hope someone can help me out to get any wallet working. Thanks in advance for the help!


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You should not need to enter a "Destination Tag" to withdrawl your XRP from an exchange to your Ripple wallet. I would just send 25 XRP (a little extra I know) to the Ripple address you created with Rippex and leave the "Destination Tag" field blank. Make sure to copy and paste your Ripple address when sending funds to avoid errors.

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Hi, well I couldn't get to the bottom of the issue so today I just used the console to 'Create New Account' , then entered my Secret Key so my XRP balance just pulled across to the new account. Working fine now : )

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