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Bowhead Health (AHT)


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Hi guys.  For the entire duration of 2017 I could only find 1 single ICO which had a great team, great product and great whitepaper and that was these guys at Bowhead Health.

I waited a while before making this post because they hadn't really done much in the social world because they spent 2017 networking within their industry, but now they are beginning to make strides and keeping up with their whitepaper too.  Their product is incredible, it's basically a mobile lab for blood testing and can detect deficiencies in vitamins and hormones.

Brad Garlinghouse has repeatedly said that tokens/coins with no use case or goal or project will fail and I think Bowhead Health are one to watch.  They have no rivals in this area which is a HUGE advantage, they have a product in Alpha, not even Beta!  They have a VERY strong team (check their website below) and the market they're targeting are worth many billions per year.  There is also the possibility of expansion to the point where the machine could be used diagnostically instead of your local doctor making high end medical know-how, not only accessible to poorer nations but that they can profit from it in a small way by using the blockchain to sell their information so expansion is also very possible.

Their tokens operate a little differently from others as they will eventually include a dividends payment per token as well as the token value.  They will use the blockchain to anonymise your health data.  Currently businesses sell your health data and make loads of money from it.  Bowhead plan to decentralise this personal information and offer each individual the opportunity to sell it directly to teams working on things like clinical trials.  The money paid is split with 70% going to the individual who has sold their medical information, and 30% being paid as a dividend to the token holders.

There are 100 million tokens but only 8 million available atm because 92 million were escrowed immediately after the ICO.  Their business plan mirrors Ripple in many ways which is another appealing aspect.  With only 100 million tokens within a multi billion dollar industry the dividends alone could net you a tidy sum every year while retaining the value of an appreciating token!

Anyway I have blabbered enough, I just really liked the project.  The coins are cheap and I think 2018 and 2019 are going to be good for this company so if you're looking to diversify your crypto portfolio a bit then these guys are very, very undervalued imo.



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When I look at projects like this, beyond the team, people, and backing behind it, I tend to ask questions like 1) does it really *need* to utilize Blockchain, 2) what kind of uphill battles against establishments they need to overcome to disrupt the industry, and 3) what potential legal hurdles they may run into. They are still very early in the process even though they are way ahead of most projects in ICO stage in terms of substance. They certainly have already done a lot of homework with a working product and a well thought out plan of action. They know their positioning in the market and they know what they are doing on the technology side. On the business side they seem to be a bit idealistic. I cannot envision their $400 device and their vitamins and other supplements being widely used by regular home users, and their roadmap includes installing kiosks in Africa yet mentions nothing of getting contracts from the research institutes and big pharmaceutical companies, where their main source of revenue is supposed to come from. But if they can get FDA approval (which takes a year or so if everything works as expected) and then secure some business partnerships or land some deals, or even work with some NGOs that do charity work in developing countries, they can be big. I like the project and I wish they can succeed. I hope they can get more exposure over the swarm of empty and redundant Blockchain projects out there, to give them more funding to achieve their goal.


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4 hours ago, susli said:

When I look at projects like this


I agree with everything you said.  The project is still extremely young in the grand scheme of things and they have a very long way to go hence my, "one to watch" comment.  There are 1,400 coins out there, most of which are BS and I just think this project has enough substance behind it to warrant a mention for anyone looking to back a long(ish) shot.  If I was to offer a rough comparison I guess it's a bit like Ripple when it was $0.004.

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On 15/01/2018 at 2:19 AM, susli said:

Looks like they had a great run at CES2018 and their coins went up nicely (triple/doubled the price).

Yes it was really good to see them showcasing the DocBot and getting some interest and CES2018 draws the biggest names so it would have been good for networking too but we have to assume a reasonable amount of that price rise was from the BTC price.  It will be a while before the cryptos with substance can break free of all the hype/fud sludge we're dragging ourselves through at the moment.  Basically the entire value/success of Bowhead Health is inexorably linked to it's hardware, the DocBot and the data it produces(the way any crypto should be....linked to something specific).  They're releasing the first round of DocBots in Q2 of 2018 and demand for their product will define quite a lot.  If they can deliver both the demand for the DocBot from the public and then demand for the public's data from the corporations then no doubt Bowhead will be big.  I would also maybe like to see them stutter a bit and the demand for the DocBot not be there to begin with to see if they give up or fight to improve the product/networking.  1 thing I really like about them is they haven't just tried to get their coin onto as many exchanges as possible knowing that pump and dumps would artificially inflate the price of the token.  I like that they will want the actual product to deliver the rise in token price.

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