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Building a site to show who is HODLing, a pledge to hold


Should we create a HODL pledge site?  

67 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you find it useful to have a site where each XRP owner pledges at least 1 XRP to show you proof of their HODL, would that give you confidence?

  2. 2. Would you donate for the development of such a site?

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I think we have an overwhelming response, which is a big fat NO for this project.

I really appreciate everyone who voted and avoided me a whole lot of wasted time.

Now, how do we bury this thread?
Almost seems as if I created pollution with this thread.

Apologize to all and thank you again for answering honestly.

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@MistaPrime So! you do know programming!

This is what i think will be more useful:

1. Why not create a website that displays market price, market cap, a little bit like CMC but instead you display 10 Top coins only and you focus more on Ripple.

2. Display all ripple base pairs and also price of XRP/USD  from all exchange

3. allows user to create an account and track their portfolio(should be private). NO API. User enter information like amount of xrp and price manually.

I believe if you come up with a project like this, you might get help from other members here.

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