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Building a site to show who is HODLing, a pledge to hold


Should we create a HODL pledge site?  

67 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you find it useful to have a site where each XRP owner pledges at least 1 XRP to show you proof of their HODL, would that give you confidence?

  2. 2. Would you donate for the development of such a site?

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This is a joke right? Immature and silly; something one expects on a pinksheet pennystock board. Build a site that advocates xrp in a professional manner. We don't need desperation, double Winklevi and toothless gangsters like bitcoin...

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If hodlers were actually required to ESCROW their 1 xrp, it might have a bit more meaning though...


I actually mentioned this previously as a half-joke, half attempt at market manipulation...


But it was assuming all rational, well intentioned actors, and some kind of simple, open source smart contract with easily verifiable terms..... Holy **** I just realised what lawyers will be doing in the future.

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I just don't see the reason why people are panicking and want pledges, sentiment websites, big giant pride marches on Wall Street ... whatever.

This market will chew up weak hands and spit them out all day long.  In two weeks time when XRP is on another ball-tearing upward trend we won't hear boo about all the nervous nancies.


Just calm down, go enjoy the real world for a week or two then check the price!

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Besides the obvious holes that people have already quite articulately picked in this, there's also this: I don't want to pledge to hold XRP. I have no loyalties to Ripple or XRP. I value the fundamentals and believe the value proposition is strong and thus see it as a strong investment. I've been holding since 17c and have made a very decent return. They may even change the world. However, were any of those fundamentals to change, I would not hesitate to reevaluate my investment.

So no, no pledge from me.

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2 hours ago, MistaPrime said:

@rootvegetable  That's a great site, I love the idea of " a wallet has not moved xrp for x amount of time".

@PickleRick  I suppose the marketing would be only for this community, the XRP community. Perhaps just users on this forum.
But I sense a pinch of sarcasm in your questions which gave me the idea that perhaps your mother could do the marketing after she's done cleaning your pickle.

@SirArthur That's a good point, we are forced to pay 20 XRP for a wallet, so 1 XRP does not sound that bad. lol :)

Sir, that was inappropriate towards @PickleRick. Please apologize.

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