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No Withdrawal of BTC from GateHub Fifth!


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Hi, please someone give me some information. I sold some xrp in exchage for btc (at gatehub) and afterward I made one withdrawal from GateHub Fifth to my wallet at Bitgo.

I did the withdrawal 4 days ago and nothing!

My BTCs didn´t arrived at my bitgo wallet!

What do I have to do? I contacted the support and nobody responds!

[sorry, english is not my first language]

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I'm in the same boat 7 days ago I transferred BTC from gatehub to gdax... Nothing, I chose BTC because I felt it was undervalued and once it got the gdax I could possibly flip out and get into ether or LTC...The market could fall apart and I have no control over my position.... something from Gatehub to assure me that there are issues and they are being addressed.... please keep me up to date on your transfer and I'll do the same for you

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GateHub has been blacklisted by most members on this site. It is the worst major exchange in the world. Grossly underfunded, understaffed and the worst customer service this side of a predatorily loaned credit card. Avoid at all costs. I believe they do damage to cryptocurrency and is one of the few I believe should be siezed and shut down.

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