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Bricked my phone with toast on


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I installed toast wallet on my Android phone, wrote down the six words and saved the key as a text file to the phone (yes, you know what's coming now!). I bought some ripple of Binance and sent it on, arrived no problem. I was at work (I work in a cinema). The boss wanted to check I'd installed the new films so I  took out my phone to take a picture to show him. Open Camera wouldn't close and the phone was so, so hot; never happened before, so I took out the battery. Then it wouldn't boot but the power was only 15%, so I charged it but it's stuck in a bootloop. First time ever. I can boot into the recovery mode, but the only options are to test  things, not reset or clear anything. 

So, I have  the six words, my password, my pin. I might be able to get the address the coins were sent to, though I can't get in Binance as I can't use authenticator. 

I don't even have a tablet to try and restore. I'll be back at work Friday, can try the bosses tablet. The thing is, is there any point. If that key number thing is in a bricked phone, I'm done and they're gone, right?

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Have I got the key though? I have six words with a total of 26 characters. The first character of tbe first word is a b. That isn't the secret key is it? I'll be at work Friday. There's an android tablet and an (old) windows computer. If there is anything to try, I'll give it a go if you let me know how to make a start. Thanks.

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How old is the android phone and what os version software were you running? Lastly, authenticator is the fastest way to headaches imho. Your best bet here is to go and try to get the phone fixed first if not then create a new wallet on a new device and you should be fine.

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20 minutes ago, lifemagic said:

The phone is one year old and runs Marshmellow. I cleared the cache from the recovery menu but still doesn't boot. I'll install toast o  the bosses tablet tomorrow and see if I can restore with what I have. 

Great. Keep up posted on the results.

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