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Has Gatehub Taken the Money and Run?


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1 hour ago, GutZ said:

Can anyone say whether or not Gatehub is still in Business?

Or is their website just a blackhole for Crypto?


Well that was good timing ;) 


Yes, still in business. Received payment last week. Low 1xx.xxx€. Just wait and hodl.

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I've had an account with Gatehub since April or May just about the time Ripple rocketed to what we thought was to be a Moon shot.  Anyway, I learned early on they Never answer your queries one to one but only refer you to their Instructional Blog, which leaves you very unsatisfied.  My transactions, sending and receiving, were many and actually never had a problem until I made a mistake sending ETH from Gatehub account to an ico funding when I was supposed to fund my ETH Wallet first then from there send to ico fund, as most of you know by now.  The outcome there was Gatehub has never answered my plea for help, but to my rescue came the ico fund ceo who located my money and deposited it for me.  I told friends that Gatehub is a nice easy account to work but extremely limited and they will never help you.  Bittrex is best as they answered questions within hours two times for me.

So where did you send your .7 BTC?  If you sent it to fund an ico then you lost it temporarily, that is until the support team of the company to whom you sent can locate it, which was my experience and my money was recovered.  But Gatehub may not help you just as they did not help me.  Good luck, but keep trying, as I believe if you did not make a mistake in copying the Send To Address your BTC is definitely not lost and someone on either end should help you ... eventually.

I have a similar problem:  Hitbtc has 11 ETH of mine on their what seems to be inoperable Exchange and I can't get them out.  Good luck.

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Great news! I got a message telling me I need to have a Trustline set for my DEPOSIT? WTF?? So I went back and re=established it. I hope they just sent some stupid form letter message and are going to actually process my WITHDRAWAL.


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I am so done with these fuckers.




Lado (GateHub)

Jan 25, 14:54 CET

Dear Jeff,

thank you for contacting GateHub support service and apologies for the delayed response.

We have manually initiated your withdrawal and it has been processed:


We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Kind regards,


Support Agent | GateHub Ltd. | gatehub.net

PS: Make sure to turn on two-step authentication and to never reuse a login password.

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22 hours ago, Timm71104 said:

If you close your account with gatehub do you get the reserve back? 

No. Well I don't think so as the wallet is actually a Ripple Wallet. I am sure someone here can give you a better answer.

I have removed all trustlines that I can and still I required to keep about 65 xrp over two wallets.

It's party time!

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