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Has Gatehub Taken the Money and Run?


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Are you not able to use Coinbase, GDAX, Gemini? Also, might be worth making a trip to Thailand and Singpaore to set up bank accounts so you can use their superior trading software. It's not that difficult.  www.coinhako.com is really nice: it's the prettiest and feels the safest.  And www.bx.in.th is by far the best trading plaftorm out there. You can deposit fiat instantly from your bank account, there are no cash limits, and  you can buy Ripple direct with baht. You can literally just buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell  dump into your 10+ Thai bank  in seconds. Well, minutes is probably more accurate. Like if this market ever tanks, I'm going to be able get my coins converted to fiat way before everyone else. The reason I say 10+ accounts is that it's good to spread your money out in Thailand. Too much money in one account will get flagged. 

If you're trading with a lot of money, you need to consider visiting both Thailand and Singapore to to get bank accounts so you can trade on their platforms and give yourself the best possible exit strategy. If you're serious about crypto, you should seriously consider what I'm saying. Not to mention the fact that Singapore doesn't tax crypto. 

And yeah, get a hardware wallet and lock up your 24 word passphrase in a fireproof safe like I have done.


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Thanks @TigeeForce

I am in the US and I am not sure I am able to travel outside due to health issues. 

Of course I can use Coinbase and GDAX but I sold Ripple to get the BTC, so that was not an option.

As far as my Nano's, one is in the safe deposit box along with the passphrase for it and the one I keep at hand.

I am still hoping that Gatehub has not stolen my dough.

Can anyone tell me what this XRP account is? Does it belong to Gatehub?


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Oh look another message!

January 2018

We are experiencing a high influx of new customers, paired with increased frequency of both bank and crypto transactions, consequently also a high number of customer support requests. 

All of the above leads to delays in account verifications, delays in bank and crypto transactions processing and delays in support service replies. 

Please take the above into consideration. 

Expect delays

Please be patient and give our team more time to address your requests, whether that be to process your transaction or reply to your ticket. 

The demand proves to be a challenge for many service providers throughout the cryptocurrency industry, we are no exception. We are continuously scaling our team optimising our services to meet the demand.


*at this point I can not imagine that anyone aware of this would do business with them. 10+ days for a simple outgoing Bitcoin transaction is complete and utter ********.I can not wait for this ordeal to be over with so I can express how I real feel in as many places as possible.



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I have two transactions on Gatehub.net that have not completed. One was a transfer of (.99) ETH to my wallet on CoinBase.  The address I sent it to can not be found on the etheruem block chain when searching for it at etherscan.io (I can see other ether transactions I made there). 

When the above transaction did not show up, I started looking for answers. My XRP had fallen to 49.995 (I used the maximum amount link when making the conversion from XRP to ETH). I thought that might have something to do with the problem so I wanted to get my XRP up above 50.  I had a  small amount of ETH in the account on Gatehub. I did an Exchange to trade my ETH for XRP - I should have gotten 6 XRP.   The fee was deducted from my XRP but I did not get the proceeds of the exchange.  My XRP went down. 

I sent some XRP to gatehub from another site. My XRP went above 50, but I still have two transaction missing. One for .99 ETH the other for about 6 XRP.  I have put in several request and have not gotten a response from Gatehub.  

Has anyone had this happen and eventually the missing transactions showed up? It has been 10 days, Jan 5th was the day my .99 ETH vanished.


Any info from anyone would be appreciated.




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I do not understand. If they were going to steal our deposits, why not just loose our logins...  I am starting to wonder if our ETH is being used to short the market.  One way to short a market is to borrow an asset and sell it, then repurchase it in the future for a lower cost (profit) or if it is higher a loss.  I am not a UK citizen so I do not know the laws there, in the US this would probably be considered wire fraud. The last email I sent them just asked them how long it might be until I see my ETH again.   No response received.

I just hope they do not go bankrupt before I get my ETH.   This type of behavior will hurt everyone in that industry. 


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Possible, but unlikely.  The overall ledger would have to be manipulated in order to hide the fact that your coins were sent elsewhere before being returned to the proper wallets.  More likely the transactions are allowed to stall in order to provide cushion for the market.  If everyone was able to immediately move all their monies on a whim, the market would flip like a transistor.

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If I put money into a video poker machine and loose it I don't like it but I accept it. If I put my $20.00 in and it did not acknowledge that, and just sat there blinking saying "PLAY Me WIN BIG", I would be pretty upset. 


It has been 14 days since my transaction disappeared, I have not had any problems with the other platforms I have moved to. 

I found out earlier this year they had a hacker that redirected transfers, about 5 Million USD. Customers got it back a few months later.

Here are a couple of other things:   Gatehub CEO on twitter, i just sent him something. https://twitter.com/enej_p?lang=en   

A few people seem to be getting there transactions completed on reddit:  There are 24 comments on this post...





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Can anyone say whether or not Gatehub is still in Business?

Or is their website just a blackhole for Crypto?


Well that was good timing ;) 


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answer came same time as question
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