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Lost XRP???


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Hi all new to all this cryptocurrency but thought I'd jump on the band wagon and give it a go as heard a lot about XRP ripple being the new bitcoin.

I set up an account on gatehub a few days ago and started looking where I could but ripple from,I found a website called cryptomate so managed to buy £200 worth just over 111 XRP at the time. I gave them the wallet address I saw in my gatehub wallet but still haven't received them. Now I've noticed it says I need 20 xrp to activate my wallet which I thought would happen once I bought the xrp but as said nothing the wallet still says DISABLED. My question is what do I have to do to enable it and once enabled will I get my 111 xrp or have a just lost £200 due to my own stupidity?

Any help would be massively appreciated


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Hi Potts, 

I'm afraid i can;t really help as i'm new to ripple. But i think there are some sites where you can put in wallet addresses and see the transactions. 

I suspect someone on here could point you in the right direction.

I'm aware of cryptomate, but not used them. 

In theory, if you have the 20xrp to activate your wallet, plus 5xrp for a trusted line, you should be able to receive your xrp or any other coin.

However if you bought btc or another coin, there may be a long wait.

You should be able to get ripple straight into your wallet though.

Maybe contact cryptomate and see what they offer. with assistance

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