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Coinmarketcap is trying to MANIPULATE the market

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5 hours ago, Coinist said:


No. If it was an outlier it should have been indicated with a *** next to the coin as per their legend at the bottom.

Im frustrated by this as it seemed like we were going parabolic again, and instead we’ve got a day of dumping.

I'm glad someone on here recognizes the pattern. It's the coin mining syndicate at it again. The vast majority of the crypto space is financially dependent on the coin mining ecosystem. If xrp becomes the standard nearly all of these entities will be out of a job.

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The Coinmarket price was a feel-good price for most of the world anyway.  This will work out fine in the long run.

I was going to post this on twitter, but many have already   spread the word

The price is not what bothers me. It's the recorded drop in price which doesn't seem to account for the change in policy. There are bots tied to these metrics and so by showing a -25% artificial drop

1 hour ago, Troublemecca said:
2 hours ago, Oldschool said:
I am relaxed and hodling for my grandchildren , i just hate injustice and exclusions, especcially on the Internet which is supposed to be ment for everyone

*raises eyebrow* are you serious? you don't see that you're invested in something that is allowing you to further profit off your circumstance and privilege at the expense of others? Ripple is trying to modernize the money system, not facilitate world peace. The libertarian Bitcoin crowd is right to hate on us, but that's because we are winners who do what they have to do to win. Which includes cozying up to bankers so that they merge their casino with ours.

m8 u totally missunderstood. I have a ripple tatoo . I was talking about injustice and exclusions from coinmarket cap , not ripple. sry for not answering earlier , was working.

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In my opinion Bitcoin has serious problems in keeping the leadership in the cryptomarket.  The Bitcoin Dominance according to coinmarketcap.com has dropped to a stunning 34%.

This year, we have a serious chance, that Ripple could overtake Bitcoin, especially if we get some messages that real big banks are adopting xRapid/XRP. Ripple is the only Silicon Valley Company with a real business and real flows of payments.  A lot of people, who are deeply invested in Bitcoin do not want Bitcoin to loose it's Nr.1 position to Ripple or another coin, as staying the Nr.1 is essential for Bitcoin's success. Who knows, what is going on behind the scenes. XRP had almost half of it's trading volume in South Korea and Coinbase the largest exchange in the US. Now, South Korea's XRP volume will not be included anymore on coimarketcap, where most people still look. All that news will slow down Ripple in the short term. But finally, Bitcoin will be likely displaced by Ripple in the future nevertheless.

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Much respect to bitcoin, the community, & history that laid the foundation for the next generation of fin tech. With that said, human nature has worked its way into bitcoin and exposed some of the design flaws. It's next to impossible to get a perfect home run on the first try, so it seems inevitable that the bitcoin torch will be passed to the next generation. The bitcoin purists will still have robust ecosystems to exist on, but the mainstream trend in my opinion is going toward tech that works with the establishment (i.e. ripple)

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Bitcoin would not be a good financial system at all.  I propose to read this article about the financial sytem Bitcoin tries to create. It is in German language, but you can translate it with Google's Chrome into English.

It is from another point of view, not from a technological but a philosophical standpoint:

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