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Coinmarketcap is trying to MANIPULATE the market

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1.) XRP has a volume of over 40 percent out of South Korea.

2.) They excluded Ethers KRW volume. It only accounts for a much smaller percentage, about six percent or so.

3.) If you look at TRON, for example, you can see they did not exclude the volume from South Korea.


why would they not do this for all coins? Why just XRP and ether? Especially when the volume is over 40 percent for XRP and such a small portion for ether. 

Why was this not done before? Why now? Buy and hold.

The day will come when we will have enough liquidity and be on enough exchanges to take the number one spot. Don't panic sell. 

Truth is, we're not even in competition with BTC or ETH. If they succeed it only helps XRP. What a shame that people can't see that and try to manipulate the market. Keep your eyes open. Misinformation is everywhere. We will be number one in due time.

Rant over. Now definitely back to sleep.

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The Coinmarket price was a feel-good price for most of the world anyway.  This will work out fine in the long run.

I was going to post this on twitter, but many have already   spread the word

The price is not what bothers me. It's the recorded drop in price which doesn't seem to account for the change in policy. There are bots tied to these metrics and so by showing a -25% artificial drop

I'm okay with change as long as they:

  • accurately update their charts and %change for all coins. 
  • provide a reason to their audience.
  • show an accurate price that depicts their targeted demographic.

Don't like it? Do what I'm going to do, and use another price viewer.

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11 minutes ago, XRPesusChrist said:

How is this an issue in any sense? 

Great question. Thank you for asking. It is a very big issue because many people are new to crypto. Seeing an 18 percent reduction on "paper" will make many new investors panic sell. It's market manipulation and it can hurt people financially so it is our opportunity to communicate this so people don't lose money. We want this market to mature and grow organically. It makes sense because we don't want people to be misinformed and later make a decision they will regret.

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One of the criticisms I see levelled at XRP quite often is that it is inflated by the Korean Prices/Volume.

So in that context, good, get rid of those outliers, and let XRP show them what it does without the KRW pairs in there.

No need to sweat these outside influencers in anything other than the immediate short term. Long term holders need only worry about Ripples progress in getting the ecosystem moving, not the price today.

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