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Sent BTC from gdax to GateHub, funds missing


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Hello guys, I'm new here and new to Ripple. I opened a GateHub account, had a friend transfer me 21.75 to activate my wallet. When that happened, GateHub deposited 20 Ripple in my account so now I have 41.75 Ripple. I set a trustline between GateHub Fifth BTC, USD, and ETH. I then proceeded to generating a wallet address for BTC and transferred 0.0173 BTC from gdax to said wallet. I have the transaction hash and I even searched it to show that the transaction went through, but 5 days later and the funds don't show in my GateHub BTC wallet. I've contacted support multiple times for help and still no response. Can anyone help? I don't know if I did something wrong? Is my money gone?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone help! Thank you so much!

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Gatehub has been extremely busy of late, to the point where even logging in is taking multiple attempts. If you have checked and double checked that you sent your BTC to the correct address I would suggest that there are delays. Hodl tight.

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But it's been 5 days.

I did some detective work. I looked up the transaction hash and it looks like there was aprox 0.0173 BTC transferred to the wallet address ending in d26 (circled red in the first picture, which is my wallet), I then clicked on that address and it showed  a final balance of 0 BTC, and on the bottom, it shows that aprox 0.0161 was transacted from my address to another address ending in XWc. When I click on that address, it looks like they've received thousands of transactions in the past. What gives?




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They are extremely delayed coming back from the holiday. A friend's transfer took 10 days. They even put a hold on new accounts. You are going to have to wait another few days probably. Hand tight, mistakes are exceptionaly rare and I doubt you are the exception to the rule.

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