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QuadrigaCX adding XRP in the coming weeks


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Hey all,

Noticed no one posted the news yet, but the official QuadrigaCX reddit account confirmed that they'll be adding XRP soon. With Coinsquare already confirmed Canadians won't have anymore barriers to purchasing and withdrawing funds relevant to their XRP investment! 



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Talked to COINSQUARE  to finish setting  up the account for transfer and asked about the delay for xrp being added. My account dude(leaving his name out) stated they are adding a crypto asset every month and not sure when xrp will be added, but ripple will be available next week. I then explained they are the same thing, and asked how long he has been doing this.A veteran of a couple months. Take it for what it is worth, but seems another site seems to be waiting for some occurrence to take place before adding. As for COINFIELD, I am a lucky winner of one of the spots to be pre-registered and now placed on hold while they set up the exchange.

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