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Nevada Becomes First USA State to Ban Blockchain Taxes


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Don't know if this was discussed before here on the forum, 

but amongst many of us Hawaii crypto investors here on my island (Honolulu, Oahu) are strongly considering it if/when we withdraw large amounts of USD.

As some of you may know, there are already many Hawaiians in Vegas area (Summerlin, Henderson, etc.) B)  

We love Nevada.. as they say in Hawaii.. Vegas is our 9th Island :beach:


Anybody here in Nevada state can confirm this is true? All of your capital gains being kept without tax issues? 


Respectfully with Aloha,



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7 minutes ago, PickleRick said:

Not sure there is enough coke and h*****s to support all of our money.

First round of hookers is on you. 

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19 minutes ago, Coinseeker said:

I love to see the states fighting back.  With good results, this could spread to every state in the union.  Not sure how this jives with Federal law but it's good there are still freedom loving people pushing for real change.


25 minutes ago, rootvegetable said:

Nevada already doesn't have a state capital gains tax.

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2 minutes ago, PickleRick said:

I wrote hookahs, like the tobacco kind. Odd... :P

Ah yes, that classic American combo of coke and hookahs... 

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