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XRP and Ledger Nano


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I need a bit of help and can't seem to find an answer on my own, but I've recently acquired a Ledger Nano S and I want to secure my xrp using it. As far as I know, I need to send my XRP to the Ledger XRP wallet app (can't seem to find any other Ripple wallets that work with Ledger) - but my XRP is all on Gatehub. If I want to send off Gatehub they hold 20 xrp hostage so what I want to do is restore my ripple wallet onto the Ledger one so I can move the entire balance over. Is this possible? Am I going about this the wrong way? Someone let me know! THANK YOU. 

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51 minutes ago, ringer2 said:

Is there any way to deactivate the wallet and get your 20 XRP back? I have Toast Wallet right now and want to move to a ledger that I have ordered.  

No. The fee may one day get lower and you can get the difference out, but once they're open, they don't close.

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Any chance of them changing this? Who do we contact? With all of the noobs coming into XRP this is gonna be a real shock to them. When ripple was 20 cents it wasn't a big deal but holding $50 hostage is almost criminal. Is there not a way I could recover the wallet or 'import a paper wallet' type of deal to work with my ledger?

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