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turning my cryptocurrency in dollars without using a bank!


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hi, my names trent and i have a question that i hope can be answered here. ive been buying and holding and also trading different cryptocurrencys for some time now and i have really grown attached to the entire world of it and what it means for people in general. ripple is one company that i have grown very attached to, from where they are going and what they are doing. but to my question and concern. how does someone get their cryptocurrency into dollars or their countries currency without needing to have a bank account? i thought that the purpose of these coins were to avoid the fees or the need to ( have to ) have a bank to buy/withdraw your earning, holdings, in total. the problem i have is that i have to have a card in order to buy a currency, and in order to turn it back into dollars, i have to now. must have some sort of bank acccount linked to any trading platform or wallet, in order to get my money back...... is this certain and why would someone not try to begin a company that is changing this aspect. to my belief, these coins and blockchains are trying to get away from the banks that run this world and back into the peoples hands. could anyone help with this question? thank you for your time.

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