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Beginning use of Nano S, etc.


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@Jackdarippler Wrote this.  This seems worth writing again as more and more people tune in to XRP and Nano S.


See chain here: 



After configuring a new wallet , and clearly noting down the recovery words(24 words in order). You should definitely check the integrity of the recovery words. Wipe the wallet clean by using the wrong pin thrice You wallet will get erased, now use the reconfigure your wallet. It should work, if it doesn't work after two attempts make a new wallet and then again recheck the integrity of the recovery. If it works download ripple into the nano s , download the ripple desktop app from ledger web-page, transfer XRP 20.50 to activate you wallet then transfer all your XRP. You are good to go.!!


Do check the recovery integrity of the wallet, you do not want to transfer funds without doing this in advance.


In case you loose your nano s, or do not wish to use the nano s. You can still recover your ripple wallet using the recovery phrase on another wallet in the future.


And absolutely do not share your Recovery sheet with anyone except your pets. Just make sure they dont eat it.

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