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CRYPTSY? Anyone had any luck? Some wallets had been retrieved!


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I lost 40 Ripples (XRP) and 4.4 million Infinite Coins (IFC).

My self as a lot of other people missed the deadline as their email went into junk.

This deadline is stupid as people lost money because of a deadline? Money is money and there shouldn't be a deadline...it is not food with an expiry date.

After managing to retrieve my Ripple coins that i had on RippleTrade now i am on the most impossible mission to retrieve my infinite coins (sounds crazy i know).

I found a forum where the admin was able to retrieve some wallets from cryptsy through a negotiation.

What are is your opinion on this matter?

According to a website (https://www.goldcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3789.0) i found online, it says:
"During our negotiations to recover the GLD held in the Cryptsy receivership, I was presented with a very unique opportunity.  

On one particular conference call, I was informed by the attorneys that in addition to the Goldcoin, their forensic team had uncovered hard drives containing more than 175 other various cryptocurrencies. And further, that they had determined that the analysis and inventory of these wallets would be cost prohibitive. To prevent these coins from just wasting away, we decided to buy them.

(see pg. 21 and exhibit B) http://cryptsyreceivership.com/v1/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/CCF_000148.pdf

We tried to get all of the cryptsy coins but lost our bid to secure UNO and the coins listed in exhibit A. My first thought was to sell some of these coins, but we decided today that the right thing to do is to give them back w/ no strings attached. So in this thread, I will be doing precisely just that..

If you are a developer and/or long-standing community member interested in one of these coins, please reply below. The coins redacted from the list are not eligible or are no longer available. All coins will be delivered via a dropbox link to an uninspected unsynced wallet.dat file."


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1 minute ago, workerX said:

had luck to close my account a few week in advance when the first rumors started.

Bravo!  It this forum a few people were able to retrieve some wallets as cryptsy settlement found it costly to work around with some coins that have a low value?

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