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Like a few others here I'm having a wallet issue. I'm glad to find this site and I hope you can help. A few weeks ago I set up a Ripple Desktop Wallet through Rippex. I purchased XRP through Binance and sent them to my wallet. Everything went through fine. The XRP are in my wallet. The problem I'm having is when I try to open my wallet it asks me to select the account file. That's already filled in. It asks for my password which I fill in. When I click on the open account button I get a message saying "Login failed. Wallet file or password is wrong" I'm positive my password is correct. I can check the cold wallet and see the XRP are there. I just can't open the wallet. I can click on the create new account button and it takes me to a page where I can (1) open existing account - which I can't. (2) Create an empty account. (3) Create a new account with a secret key. I've been tempted to try the Create a new account w/ a secret key but I'm new to this and I don't want to make a mistake and lose my XRP. I've been searching online to find the answer and found this site. I'd greatly appreciate any help and advice. Thank you!

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3 minutes ago, Chas757 said:

Thanks for responding. Will my XRP be automatically transferred ?


It stays in the same account. You are just creating a new password and file on your computer basically. I don’t know why it does that but my wallet had the same issue. All your xrp will show up after you create the new file and password. 

The secret code will never change. That’s your full backup to your account so always keep that written down and secure Incase something like this happens and you need to restore your wallet. 

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