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Hi - I'm new to Crypto and I'm using Coinbase to buy Bitcoin. I'm then sending it to my Gatehub wallet and then exchanging for XRP.  I noticed that during this exchange the fee was 20%.  WOW.  Is there a better/cheaper option?  Is it better to buy XRP with other Crypto such as  ETH or LTC?  Any help/feedback would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Yes, buying on Coinbase is not cheap. I have found doing an ACH deposit into the USD wallet on coinbase is free, but takes 10 days. 

Then I move the USD to GDAX (Coinbase exchange platform; instant transfer between the two) and place a limit order for litecoin. Again, that's a free transaction. Then send litecoin to your preferred exchange to buy XRP. I have found that Gatehub is not as liquid, thus exchanging there isn't always as advantageous. 

It's the long cumbersome way around; but if the markets are calm you can save on fees. However, in a strong bull market, paying the fees to snag a lower price before it leaves can pay you to accept the fees for instant purchases.

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Buy LTC on coinbase --> transfer to binance, trade LTC to BTC, BTC to XRP.

I'm not sure what the fee is to buy on coinbase, but it should cost like 50 cents to transfer (or less) to binance and then 0.1% to transfer to bitcoin, 0.1% to transfer to XRP.


Alternatively, if you're using USD, EURO or CAD and are planning to buy 5k+ (so it's worth paying a wiring fee), I'd recommend getting verified on Kraken/Bitstamp, depending on which one offers the currency you want.

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The only thing you shouldnt do is buy bitcoin ever , unless you wanna hold it , because the fees on bitcoin are ludacris. Never touch bitcoin and you will be fine. Use ltc, eth, krw or shapeshipt or some wallet. Dont excahnge bitcoin evere for anything , its just too expencive.

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