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I have enabled Gatehub Fifth BTC. Then I have seen one button is Set Trust after Wallet --> Advance --> Show Trust Line as following picture. Anyone can let me know is nescessary to Set Trust? and what is address here?

I have sent some BTC to this wallet but I did not received so far. If I Set Trust may I take back my BTC?




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First you need your wallet activated with 20 XRP and then after that you need to set the trust for BTC.

After you set the trust, the BTC that you sent to that address will be processed and sent through in a few hours.

You don't need to worry about the advanced options that you're in, that has nothing to do with receiving your BTC.


If you don't set the trust, (because you haven't activated your wallet) you'll eventually get an email when it would've been deposited telling you to set that trust and after you do, it'll do exactly as I said above. You won't lose your BTC because you haven't set the trust, it'll simply be on hold until you do.


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1 hour ago, Khanhln said:

Hi Jonny,

Thanks for your help.

My wallet has activated. Then I have set trust for BTC. So what I need to do now is waiting until my BTC coming back.

Yep, as long as you activated trust and sent it to the correct BTC address, you should receive it in a few hours.

When I finally got mine activated and set trust, (sent BTC before wallet was even activated) it took a little bit over an hour after receiving those emails from that picture above I showed you.

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