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Getting on a new exchange gast

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The problem is that some coins are so small they are only adopted by small exchanges. One of my increasingly favorite places to go is Kucoin.com. Its an exchange that's fairly new and they have a coin themselves that, I believe, will do fairly well in the future. Anyways, Kucoin Exchange has been adding a lot of new coins to its list and most of them are only a few months old. They always announce when new coins are added, so its easy to keep up to date. But there are SO many coins out there and quite a few exchanges so it gets a bit overwhelming. One thing I like to do on top of researching new coins added to xchanges, is to browse coingecko.com. They have tons of coins and when you read up on a coin you like, click on the 'trading exchanges' tab. This will show you where you can buy or exchange that specific coin. Browsing Coingecko and its ICO list are my ways of starting out finding new coins to further investigate.

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