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Changelly prices!?


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Has anyone used changelly or similar sites to buy crypto with credit card? I'm not thinking of doing it, I use bitstamp and I'm Happy with them, but with the long verification times at most exchanges I was looking into another way for a few friends to buy xrp quicker. This seemed like the quickest way, using a card to buy ETH, transfer to binance or the like and buy xrp, but then I examined the exchange rates they are offering. I put in 500E to see how much ETH you will get and then calculated that back into Euros. For 500 euros spent on Ether you get about 350Euros worth. That's a terrible rate so why would anyone use it? What am I missing?

They say they have fair rates but that's just extortionate.

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Yep, there are peoples getting very rich of people wanting to buy crypto. We have Litebit here in the Netherlands. Acts like a market, but just sells crypto min 10% above marketprice. But....it's a quick wat to get it....

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