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Didn't receive my Ethereum


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Hello there

I was about to buy some Ripple, but I needed it very fast so I tought I could buy some Ethereum from Litebit (Litebit.eu) because you can pay instantly if you buy some cryptocurrency, and at Gatehub you need to wait 1 - 3 workdays before you receive your EUR/USD from your bankaccount. So the plan was to buy some Ethereum and exchange it into Ripple. So I set the trustlines for ETH so I can receive my Ethereum. Then I bought the Ethereum from Litebit (Like around 0.045 ETH I bought) I gave my Gatehub Ethereum wallet adress and bought Ethereum for 350.00 euro's. Then I was waiting to receive my Ethereum on my Gatehub wallet. I didn't receive nothing so I checked my transaction history on Litebit (Litebit.eu) it sayed that the transaction was completed, I checked my Gatehub wallet but I couldn't see the Ethereum, so it was at 00.0000 ETH. After that I saw that the minimum ETH was at 0.0524... 

The problem is, I've lost my 350.00 euro's and Didn't receive anything.. The plan was receiving 0.045 ETH but the limit is at 0.0524, so what can I do now ?
Did I lost my Ethereum for good ?

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