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Dear Gateways...


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Dear Gateways/ Exchanges (Kraken, Gatehub I'm looking at you....Bitstamp you're cool)

I get it, you are overwhelmed. You have hundreds of thousands of people signing up every day. Scaling is a difficult thing. I mean it's not like anyone could've foreseen the huge growth and popularity of cryptocurrencies. It's not like anyone was saying how they will be world changing or that soon they will go mainstream. Surely no one in the crypto-community ever said such a thing. It's not like you had time to prepare for this, maybe by hiring more staff, expanding server space, whatever. These are things that were simply impossible to see coming! I mean, it's not like you yourselves ever pushed for the widespread adoption of crypto or advocated for it's growth. Who could've expected you to actually believe that the asset you were selling would ever catch on? 

So therefore I a can't hold it against you when you fail to run a basic website with any more quality control than the monthly lunch menu sharepoint site at the department of agriculture. I find it A-okay when I try to contact you for weeks at a time, only to be completely ignored. I have no problem whatsoever when your site is giving me an error screen for weeks on end, or when it crashes conveniently in the middle of a trade costing me thousands of dollars. I mean, you guys are doing your best right? You guys are breaking your backs! And for what? a few measly tens of millions of dollars? Sometimes people are just so unappreciative. So, I would like to take the time to say thank you exchanges. Thank you for teaching me to aim low. Thank you for helping me appreciate that doing things half-assed is an art that needs constant cultivation. And finally, thank you for keeping me from being able to access my money. It helps teach me stress management skills and save money on hair product. And what's the worry? I'm sure when tax time comes the IRS will completely understand when I say they have to wait on their money because of a 505 error.

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