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Ripple Wallet Rippex Question


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I understand that there is a minimum of 20 xrp to activate the wallet. So I sent 22 ripple as a test and minus the little fee it says I have 1.75 xrp available. Understandable, I get that.  So I proceed to send over 70 xrp to the wallet. Wait a few minutes. Cleared. Beautiful. Then I wonder, well what if I want to send out some ripple to an exchange or some other xrp wallet? So I do a test send to my Binance wallet and attempt to send 3 xrp. It says I have insufficient funds. I can however send 1 xrp. But I have over 70 xrp, not including the 20 for the holding fee. I look over to the balance tab and says I have a total of 70.42900 xrp, and under that stating the 20 reserve. However, it says I only have 1.75 available. Can someone explain this? How do I not have over 50 xrp available but instead only 1.75 xrp? Is there a minimum to send? I included a screen shot if it helps.  I'm quite new to this. Would appreciate some feedback. Please advise. Thank you!



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