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Impossible to buy or exchange XRP


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Hello, yes I'm very new to this, but I'm diving in on cryptocurrancy (apparently spelling as well...) 

Anyhow, I spent 8 hours with my Bitcoin, LTC and Ethureum, and after repeated attempts, tried everything I could find on Google. 


After 25 different Google questions it appears that Exchange Bitcoin for XRP is claimed to be easiest:


I open Evercoin on my phone, punch my BTC amount to exchange and purchase XRP.

Then I immediately open up coinbase and it creates a random address for every transaction, I believe?? I know it has to be within a minute as the trading amounts can change.

It asks for the address and I aim the phone at that strange symbol that is a unique fingerprint that Coinbase just created 15 seconds ago.

The phone bleeps, accepts the address symbol and then says "invalid address". I'm thinking it won't accept Coinbase as the wallet address. 

So, I downloaded toast on PC and CP, but on my PC all I see is a "Ledger Wallet Ripple" shortcut on my desktop (maybe I downloaded that as well? or IS  that the wallet on my desktop?If I open the shortcut on the PC and it tells me to open my phone. If I open my phone and create an address, I can't point the phone at the phone to put purchases in the wallet.

I'm far from stupid. The only failure I have had in life was my marriage, I can do anything with a little research usually; But this is getting ridiculous.


I want a wallet on my home PC, that has the odd unique symbol. So, I guess thats a 2nd question.....

RP is not doing so well right now and I want to buy some.

I have LTC,BTC,Ethereum, Paypal, bank accounts all available. 

Is there another way to do this? I don't want a wallet on my phone, I have it on there now but it's not staying once I can get some XRP in A GOOD wallet. I watched the videos on wallets, I get it. I'mjust having a hard I'm getting in


Thank you for any help!!


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Another 6 hours of frustrations....

I have a wallet on my desktop. So, I generated a Ripple address, put that in the under "wallet address" at coinbase.

Then I punch in the amount, I leave "optional description" blank but Coinbase will not send any Bitcoin to my wallet. The "Continue" button will not highlight. No error message, nothing. Just a note at the top of the screen that they are experiencing delays. 

And if it isn't in my wallet, I can't buy XRP because it's like North Korea buying Plutoneum!!

Another one says I must immediately deposit 20 XRP to confirm the address. Well, if I can't send any, I can't buy anything.

You know how I learn everything, buy reading up and then trying things. That's worked my entire life; Yet, I cannot buy any XRP still.

I can't practice with real money, if I punch in the wrong crap I'm out of money.

Took me 10 minutes to get the 3 at Coinbase, 7 days for it to happen. I see posts all over the place about waiting, I get it, got thru that; Just dead in the water here...

THIS - Is exactly what happened 6 years ago when I tried to buy 50 bitcoin. I spent 20 minutes trying to buy them, it wouldn't go thru. Over a weekend some fool only accepted bitcoin, that's why I was trying to buy them. 

Now I'm in a position to buy some undervalued cryptos and I'm gonna miss out again.... A currency at 3$ I can't buy but 17K for 1 Bitcoin, no problem : D

I have joined every possible forum, but most of them all say they are jammed up. 

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I am using Shapeshift. Been trying all night, it never seems to start...

Shapeshift sounded cool; Every site says they're overloaded; My god, how are you guys doing transfers, nothing works??!! All I can do is but more BTC and it'll be here in another 10 days, can't buy Ripple.

I am asking it to trade my confirmed BTC from my BTC wallet address to XRP toast.  And the XRP should be sent to address is my "unconfirmed TOAST address" (I know they wanna keep 20). I'm asking for 75 XRP....

No error message, nothing ever happens....  I can't believe this is happening again. I just can't buy this crap..... 

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It just accepts it and times out. Progress line never moives.


I am sending 76 XRP to my unconfirmed toast address,  and I listed my BTC, Coinbase address as the return address. That sounds logical!!??

I believe I am doing it correctly, or can anyone see why I'm a failure at this??

I'm leaving "Destination Tag" empty, is that an issue??



I read up on the DT and it said if it was going to a toast wallet, enter 0. 

Flashes "awaiting deposit", won't stop, then times out...


Thank you!




Now tried Evercoin on my phone, pointed XRP destination at Toast wallet (empty unconfirmed). And pointed the recieve Bitcoin from address at Coinbase wher I had sent .0125 (above the minimum).

It is about to time out. So, it's me or this is impossible and I'm ready to drive in to Boston, pay fee, whatever, just to buy the crap....

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I keep adding hoping someone spots my mistake/s I'm making
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