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I am debating whether to create a trading bot or execute my buy and sell orders manually. If anyone has created or followed instructions to do so can you please list here. I am looking to use bittrex.

I would like to:

Starting with current XRP wallet amount

1. create a sell order when the price = X
2. create buy order when price = X - (X * y%)
3. execute 1 at certain intervals. for instance 3, 4, 5, 6, 7$ marks

I wouldn't call this day trading so I am leaning toward just doing this manually, but i look toward automating and placing on a cloud/server in case i lose the ability to access the exchange daily. Any input and advice is greatly appreciated

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Yep, I have done this before. I am developer myself. 

I have created a bot to automate Bitcoin speculation. it also provides a real-time updated dashboard for your Bitstamp account where you can see all your orders and transactions real-time updated (something Bitstamp lacks). The dashboard for a real-time updated overview can also be used standalone without letting Cointrol make any transactions.

Technology stack - The server-side parts (cointrol-server + cointrol-trader) are written in Python 3 (3.3+ is required) and use a mixture of Django (models, admin) and Tornado (WebSockets, async IO). Other libraries that are used include sockjs-tornado, Django REST framework.

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