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MIT's Fantasy Futures - Jan 2018

Futures contract  

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  1. 1. Would you take it ($10, End Jan 18)

    • Hell yeah it'll be worth way more by then
    • No way it'll be worth less

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Right, lots of seriousness recently on the boards.

Here's something lighthearted for a change.

I'm opening the first ever official MooseInTime Fantasy Futures for January

Hypothesis: I will sell you the buyer all my XRP at the price of $10 per XRP at the end of January (midnight 1st Feb).  Crucially, both me and you HAVE to make the deal at the end of the month.  (If >10 you are getting a bargain, if <10 I am as I can take your fiat and buy even more)  For the newbies, this is basically the equivalent of a call options contract you'd get on Wall Street, but of course here it's only for fun.

Votes are anonymous above - only you will know if you'd take it or leave the deal

The real question is - would you take it (i.e. you think that it's a good deal, $10 per XRP at end of Jan)... or leave it (that's a bad deal, it won't be worth more than $10 by end of Jan).

Fantasy Futures offer closes end of Sunday so make a choice! 

I could win, or you could win... we shall revisit the findings at the end of the Month :D

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Just to add in a real futures situation you could buy and sell your contracts on the market, each contract will have a notional value itself as it could be worth a fortune (or worth a negative loss) but we won't do fantasy derivatives because it gets too complicated :dirol:

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1 minute ago, JNYC said:

Having traded futures contracts in the trading pits in NY for over 20yrs, I would say this is more of an options bet...buying a Jan $10 call. That being said, if it was a March $10 call I would be a buyer with both hands.

True it is more option-y, although I'm simplifying it without Calls and Puts :D  Just Calls.

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Go long on any futures market, if you feel so guided. 

Once upon a time, there was a guy on bitcointalk, who wanted to bet if the current worth of Class A berkshire hathaway in bitcoins will exceed the share's price in a year. The winner takes both bitcoin and the share. Can't remember, if anyone took him up on that offer. 

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