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Nano S XRP withdrawal goes from +24.8 to 4.82499 why?


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13 minutes ago, CalvinNHobbs001 said:



Probably a dumb question, I'm transferring my XRP from Nano S to exchange but when I go to withdrawal it goes from +24 to 4.8. Are they taking 20 XRP as a fee? If so that seems crazy, no? Thank you.

No 20XRP is a minimum reserve which needs to be always in your wallet.


The Ripple protocol requires that each Ripple account hold a small amount of XRP at all times. This is called reserve and its purpose is spam protection (i.e. prevent malicious users from creating a large number of accounts). In this regard, its purpose is akin to bitcoin mining fees, or Ripple transaction fees.

The main reserve requirements are:

20 XRP per account (always required),

5 XRP per each trustline* (connected gateway).

5 XRP per each open order.

So if your account holds 50 XRP, has two trustlines issued (eg. for GateHub's EUR and GateHub Fifth's BTC) and one open order, the required reserve is 20 + 2 x 5 + 5 XRP = 35 XRP; the remaining 15 XRP are at your disposal.


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