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Hi All

I couldn't find any discussion here about the Trezor or other hardware wallets. Oh, (first edit) sorry I found some discussions.

After reading about problems people are having with various online wallets I decided to take the plunge and buy a Trezor.

The security of online wallets seems very complex and yet hackers somehow get in.

I look forward to learning more about XRP,  and hopefully make my first purchase when I finally manage to open an account with one of the firms recommended by the company.

Best Regards







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Yes I think a majority of online wallet mishaps are due to poor user security awareness and/or folks falling for easy scams.  I see a lot of people posting their wallet address all over the place, which then that can be used to look up transactions to and from that address with software and now anyone can know how much XRP you hold making you a bigger target for intrusions.  I think the hacking thing is a bit overblown, but certainly there are folks preying on the misinformed and those numbers will only increase from here on out.

I think you made a good choice picking up a Trezor.  Personally I use a Ledger Nano S, but the Trezor looks like an excellent product too.

Good luck with your future investments. B)

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