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What's Kraken mail adress in SF?


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In order to be ok with the tax administration of my country, i have to complete some forms.

I couldn't manage to find the adress from Kraken in SF on the internet (kraken website, kraken subreddit...) and my ticket won't be answered.

Does anybody here know the adress of Kraken?



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47 minutes ago, Jameson said:

Try to open a ticket on kraken.

Thanks for the reply. Allready done but no answer, that's why i came here.

9 minutes ago, Sukrim said:

You are a customer of them but didn't even check if they have an address?

Thank's for trolling me and playing the wise guy. Kraken is well known and linked on ripple's website. https://ripple.com/xrp/buy-xrp/

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Kraken's support is a real pain. I opened two tickets more than 3 weeks ago yet still no answer. 

Also they make... loads of money but no effort to develop their systems. I mostly have problem with logging into my account.

i can only recommend if you have an open ticket, then use it to deliver your issue through it.


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