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XRP v.s. ADA & IOTA (Tangle Technology)


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I understand that Ripple has done an incredible job establishing connections with banks worldwide but something has occurred to me. The blockchain technology used by Bitcoin is OUTDATED. That being said there are newcomers like Cardano and IOTA which are introducing the so-called "Tangle", in other words, Blockchain 3.0. I would like to know, how much significance is this really? Would it not behoove Ripple to update their blockchain technology as well, or even convert to tangle? I think that the combination of strong connections with banks and other companies, and using the top technology would be great, but it seems Ripple has great business tactics and services, with what is ultimately subpar technology. Do you see what I mean? Ripple trumps other cryptocurrencies in the service they are providing in conjunction with the banks. Nobody is doing that. But Cardano and IOTA clearly have better technology on their hands so....what do you think? Please let me know. Also please share your thoughts on TRON, which is led by Ripples former Chief Representative in Greater China, Justin Sun. There must be some significance there. . .

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I'm not sure why it's that relevant BTC is outdated technology, since XRPL is using a consensus algorithm that's completely different from PoW or PoS based coins.

Cardano is a PoS coin. The difference between that one and all previous attempts at building PoS coins is that they claim to have formal proof that it's secure. I haven't studied it enough to verify for myself that it is. But AFAIK it maintains one global shared ledger just like most other coins do. It just does it very well. So if you want to hold a PoS coin this is probably your best bet.

Projects like IOTA and RaiBlocks are trying to build a network where full nodes are not necessarily 100% synchronized (hence a block "DAG" rather than a chain), there are no fees, miners or validators, and spam resistance is based around the idea that to broadcast a transaction, you need to do some PoW yourself and/or validate prior transactions. 

I'm not convinced IOTA and RaiBlocks are immune to ledger spam. But then, neither is XRPL. RaiBlocks has recently had scaling problems with extremely busy 'hub' nodes.

Here's the crucial point: In both IOTA and RaiBlocks it takes much longer than in XRPL to reach a complete certainty (or 99.9999% probability) that a certain transaction is valid.

XRPL is still in the lead as an efficient transport for ILP-based payments. XLM is the only real threat at the moment, and only because it's basically a copy-paste of XRPL

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