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XRP will hit $5.02 within the next 16 days

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The augmentation of investor demand, strong business fundamentals, geopolitical events, investor expectations, and momentum are all factors. A temporary price recession is absolutely necessary to

Great first post man.

My last post until ~December 27, 2018 I am very busy with classes and life. Do not sell in fear. Although many of you here will have been replaced by new investors by the end of the year, I wish

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11 hours ago, Khaleesi said:

A welcome update from an idiosyncratic mind 


It sure is! I really want to believe it too ( price prediction I mean, not the idosyncratic mind) . This time I could actually understand the words in his post.

Who is this mysterious fortuneteller anyway? Drops a prediction, to be gone for a week holiday at Antartica, comes back, another prediction.

Insider? Cryptoera53?  They’re both making accurate predictions until now. I just love conspiracy theories. And rising prices.

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14 minutes ago, Odranoel said:

Not gonna rain on anyone's parade, but my metrics show that XRP will stabilize at around 2.5-2.6 for the remainder of the month. I could be 100% wrong of course and I hope I am.

With all the announcements in the pipeline ? Don't think so. 

Don't forget all the accounts being verified week after week. This whole market is going to GROW.

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