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Experience Points (XP) or ColossusCoinXT (COLX)

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Can't speak to COLX, but I have been watching XP closely this week.  I didn't go deep into researching it, but I see it as a good short term bet because there's a good likelihood it ends up getting added to Binance in the near future.  Binance is starving for a sub $0.01 coin right now, so I feel like there's a good chance for a short term price surge if it were to be added. 

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So the little I know about XP, I was not too impressed - decent idea without a working implementation.  Also, I am wary of social media coins.  COLX however is very interesting to me.  It's based on PIVX with some refinements with a good team behind it.  The big problem is that its only listed on tradesatoshi & conimarkets, with Cryptopia coming soon. That will make for an immediate pump I beleive, and it does have long term legs to my mind.  Also - it is dirt cheap right now.  I have gone back and forth about signing up for yet another exchange to buy it on, or wait until they are on one of the main players and then scoop it up at a couple of cents.  

But, of course, this is all bs'ing and opinion.  You would be wise not to follow my advice unless you are eager to drive beat up old car like mine. :)

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Ive been watching COLX for some time. It seems fairly solid and its super cheap. Back when I watched it daily, there were quite a few occasions where it had some big gains. Im not sure about the other, but I do plan to throw in a few hundred or so and see how it treats me.

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