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Very interesting.  It really isn't about Ripple so much as a kind of conspiracy theory about the banking industry manipulating BTC prices to lead to the adoption of Ripple, which they can control.  It is an apologia for needing more decentralized crypto.    It's beef w/ Ripple is that it is the bankers/old money coin.  Which, tbh, even if true, I am fine with given how much regulation is looming for the markets.  There is also still a place for privacy coin, but I don't think anonymous coins are the beginning of a new world order that dethrones the establishment.

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This is the third or fourth article about Larsen's alleged massive holdings of xrp.  My understanding is that Larsen donated his seven billion xrps (from the original distribution, not xrps he received as compensation for working for Ripple or his ownership share of Ripple the company) to charity to help the underbanked.

Here's an article about it from way back then:


I am very surprised that Ripple is not reaching out the writers of these articles (Forbes, CNBC, Zerohedge) and clarifying that Larsen does not own these xrps.  Then these writers must retract their articles or write a clarification.  The entire point of these articles is to discuss Larsen's holdings of xrp.  I would think that there is a Ripple employee whose responsibility is to deal with the media.


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