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I paid for ripples and haven't seen it yet


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I paid to an exchange for ripples to be transferred into my toast wallet, the exchange said they did the transfer already but I haven't still seen the ripples in my toast wallet, 

But the exchange is saying it could be because of my destination tag being 0. 

Please what do I do? 

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Okay let me start again. I intend buying ripples from NXexchanger.com, I paid to them 18050 Naira, and gave them my details which includes my wallet address, so I called them after payment, they then asked me to send my details which should include (my order no., The bank I paid to, the amount I paid, my username on there website, my wallet address and my destination tag)  via text message. I sent everything they asked of me, except the destination tag which TOAST WALLET do not give. But after I read through TOAST WALLETS FAQ I saw a question relating to my issue, in which the answer was that in case of destination tag, I should use 0. So I texted 0 to NxExchanger.com customer service. And now they said they have sent my ripple but I haven't still gotten it, and the customer service lady says it could have been my destination tag that was the problem.  Please what do I do? 




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