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Gateaway and Trust set to GateHub


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Hello there, I'm new in the Ripple community. I'm having problems with my GateHub account, I'll try to be as clear as possible.

First of all, I uploaded all my documents (about 1 month ago) but my Gateaways are still pending. So, I tried to connect several times a gateway (uploading again and again my documents) and now, in the Transactions window, I have FIVE trust set to GateHub (as you can see in the pic)! Does this mean that I have wasted my Ripples for doing the same operation several times (a friend of mine sent me some ripples to activate the wallet)? Thanks a lot!

trust set to gatehub.jpg

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I cant tell enough based off of your screen shots.  Go to "Wallet" and post a screen shot from there, it will list all gateways connected

You can also go to Wallet -> Advanced (lower right) -> show trust lines

this will show you what trust lines are set up (at the bottom) and what ones you can enabled (at the top)

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2 hours ago, jesseps said:

I honestly do not get Trusts and Trust lines with Gatehub and/or XRP.

Nothing on that gateway/exchange is working.

It certainly seems that way, 

I have ether floating in the ether trying to get into my wallet, but it can;t as i need to set up the trust line. But i can;t set up the trust line as i don;t have the ripple. But i can;t get the ripple as when someone tried to send me any, it says the wallet is unknown in the vault (or similarly worded).

I can only guess this is all about waiting for them to verify my account. But its been nearly a week now.

The annoying thing is that when i sent the ether over, i should have gotten about 100xrp, but now the price has gone up since then, I may not get enough XRP to actually activate my account b y the time they verify me.

What i want to know is why does the FAQs say you can still transfer other crypto into the wallet without verification, when i seem to not be able to.

However a friend who transferred BTC over, has ripple sat in his account. But when i tried to create the trust line before sending BTC over, it just errors as the ether one does. So i'm hesitant to try considering the transactions costs at the moment.


I just don;t know what to do, and gatehubs support seems to be the worst i have ever come accross.

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