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I d buy the most precious value on earth: time . A lot of time for travels, family, friends...

For me, the dumbest thing we do as humans is the thing we are all forced to do to survive: 9-5 job doing work that crushes our very souls, trading away our hours for dollars. So the absolute coolest t

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5 hours ago, WallStreetWolf said:

Welcome Ripplenaires,

What if one day you wake up, you look at your wallet and notice something strange.. Holy Pickle! You are a millionaire!
I know a lot of you guys are smart with their financials, however you still want to buy something, just to reward yourself right? 
What would be your first biggest purchase, tell me down below! Doesn't really matter what it is, tell the XRP-family what your deepest desire is.
For me it would be an Audi A7 (2018).

Remember Hold On for Dear Life!:drinks:


no, at $1 million in XRP (Rippilionaire) I'll not buy any depreciating assets at all.

I won't start to pull XRP until I can still hold $1million in paper value even after cashing some out.  and those fiats will likely go into real estate investments. 

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17 minutes ago, CryptoGerrie said:

Same, I didn't sell any of it. But will sell a bit at 10USD and promised Hodor to go out for dinner back in September, so need money for that.

yeah with each rally my sell points go up about 100% because they keep landing about 2 months earlier than I expect, so since I don't "need" the money to pay bills I just hodl. 

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