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Hi folks, needing help here....... I just deposited an amount into the Einstein Exchange and bought XRP. 

I have not been verified despite sending info into the exchange last week. Any issues with people here and Einstein? 

The folks do not return phone calls. There's only an automatic email sent back verifying that someone will look at the issue. 

Anyone else here having issues with the exchange?

Thanks in advance !



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Too busy to even send an explanation email? The reason why I ask is that it is impossible to get my money out if I wanted to exchange my XRP to CAD. I'm in Canada. I'm starting to think I've been duped. Looking for help on anyone who's used or using Einstein. Is it reliable ? 

With all the activity, I can see why they're swamped. It's just that the verification process is far too long. Had the same issue with Kraken although I was on step 1. At least I did not deposit my money there. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy I purchased (last week in December so a nice small gain already) but needing to know if I've been fleeced. 

Thanks in advance!


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